Raytech, based near Milano, Italy is the company with the widest range of accessories and components for electrical cables in the world in terms of production.

Passion for design and innovation has allowed Raytech to evolve and adapt to the needs of constantly expanding national and international market standards, as well as to meet the challenge of satisfying and surprising end users with new or improved products extremely rapidly, without ever skimping on the same scrupulous quality which has always distinguished them in the production field.

The performance specifications of Raytech products have been tested and certified inside our laboratories to ensure maximum reliability to even our most demanding installers, who can find our products in 36 countries worldwide, and numerous electrical wholesalers across Australia.

In an increasingly competitive and fast market, Raytech is known as a pre-cursor of the best and most inventive technologies, for its integrity and passion which are the cornerstones of its twenty years in the business.


Equipped for any type of test, alternate current, direct current, impulse, load cycling in air and under water with the cable energized, insulation resistance measurement, partial discharge measurement, electrical tracking verification for the insulating materials, salty fog and humidity test chamber.

  • DC test generator up to 120 kV
  • Transformer for a.c. test up to 100 kV, corona free
  • Long term test transformer 45 kV, 20 KVA
  • Measuring voltage transformers
  • Impulse generator up to 600 kV
  • Load cycling test equipment, induction heating method, with water tub for immersion tests
  • Partial discharge measuring sets, direct and bridge (bilance) methods
  • Equipment for the verification of the tracking resi stance of insulating materials according to IEC 60587 specification
  • Chamber for salty fog and humidity tests
  • Temperature and millivolt recorders


The laboratory is equipped with:

  • Thermostatic cells for tests up to -40 to + 250°C
  • Instron dynamometer for tensile and compression tests
  • Penetrometer for testing of gels and greases according to ASTM-D 217
  • Precision scales
  • Shore A durometer
  • Brookfield viscosity measurement equipment
  • Mixing machines