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Main line branch joint for parallel type public lighting systems

Branch joints from main to main cable, from main to pole rise, from overhead line to pole equipment, from pre-assembled cable to pole equipment, of a type certified by Azienda Elettrica Milanese (A2A, ex AEM). Accessories are complete with mantel-type, pre-insulated Allen screw connectors and, for installations with traps, with the specific protection monitor plate. Joints are non-toxic, with no shelf life and re-enterable.

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Electrical performance:
CEI EN 50393 • CEI 20-33 • IP 0033 (A2A)
No flame propagation:
CEI 20-35 • IEC 60332-1 HD405-1
A2A certified (as applicable)
Gel:UL 94-HB
Casing mix: UL 94-V2
Degree of protection: IPX8
Operating temperature: 90°
Installation temperature: -40°C / +50°C

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