Sky Plast

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Bicomponent rubber in insulating, mouldable, self-extinguishing paste with high dielectric characteristics.

Thanks to Raytech’s constant and careful research and development of new technologies comes Sky Plast, absolute technical innovation for covering, protecting, insulating, finishing and fireproofing any electrical and non-electrical component.

Once the 2 components have been blended in a ratio of 1:1 (for max 2 min.) until uniform, it cross links quickly at room temperature in less than 5 minutes. After being wrapped around the component to be protected, Sky Plast quickly transforms into a layer of rubber with high dielectric and self-extinguishing characteristics.

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  • Mouldable, non-toxic and safe paste
  • Low smoke and toxic and corrhosive gases emission
  • Able to replace taping, heat-shrinking, resin finishes
  • Flexible and elastic
  • Quickly ready for use


  • Dielectric strength:
    > 23 kV/mm
  • Degree of protection:
    IP68 (in proper casings)