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Straight or branch injectable joint using Wonder Fluid, single component insulating gel. Quick to use and can be installed at any temperature

Joint equipped with injection valve; insert the cartridge in the gun, connect the nozzle stably on the valve and inject the gel until completely filled. The valve on the container prevents insulation from leaking out, ensuring perfect cleaning and reliability. Can be installed without any special tools: only requires a regular silicone gun.

  • Joints insulated with Wonder Fluid, fluid, single-component, gel
  • Clean installation, re-enterable and inspectable
  • Container provided with no-return valve
  • Immediately energiseable
  • Even suitable for high depths
  • Non-toxic, with no expiry date

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Additional information

Wonder Joint L4

Dimensions(mm): 160 x 45
Cable Range (Cu):
1C: 1.5-25mm2
2-4C: 1.5-4mm2

Wonder Joint L10

Dimensions(mm): 180 x 50
Cable Range (Cu):
1C: 2.5-50mm2
2-4C: 1.5-10mm2

Wonder Joint L25

Dimensions(mm): 215 x 55
Cable Range (Cu):
1C: 16-150mm2
2-3C: 4-25mm2
4C: 2.5-25mm2

Wonder Joint Y6

Dimensions(mm): 180 x 90
Cable Range (Cu):
1C (T & B): 4-50mm2
2C(T & B): 4-10mm2
3-4C (T & B): 2.5-6mm2
T: Through
B: Branch

Wonder Joint Y25

Dimensions(mm): 220 x 105
Cable Range (Cu):
1C (T & B): 50 – 150mm2
2C(T & B): 10 – 25mm2
3C T: 6 – 25mm2
3C B: 6 – 16mm2
4C T: 6 – 25mm2
4C B: 6 – 10mm2
T: Through
B: Branch

Electrical performance:
CEI EN 50393 • CEI 20-33
(with testing under water head and water
between the cable cores)
Gel: UL 94-HB
Degree of protection: IP68
Operating temperature: 90°
Installation temperature: -50°C / +60°C

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